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If you're interested in joining us on our accelerated internship programme, or you are able to provide small amounts of funding to power our projects, get in touch:

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Empowering Young Europeans


Great Leap was formed to give young people opportunities to use and develop their skills in a working environment, and give them the experience and confidence they need to carve out fruitful careers with other employers or running their own business.

We believe that due to the advancement of technology, which can often remove jobs from traditional sectors, and the rise of the gig economy, traditional education is not giving young people ALL the knowledge and mindset they need for the future.

If you are a young person interested in advancing your skills and gaining access to a number of work opportunities in your chosen field, feel free to get in touch via the contact form or social media.


The creative staff at Great Leap are all in their twenties, some interns in their teens and as such we all believe that our future will be far better if we stay in the EU and so we are all anti Brexit.

As a result we are willing to do our best to help the pro Europe cause which for us means doing work either for free or at reduced rates for any pro Europe organisations.

We will also help charities and individuals in need of our services for free where possible as it is part of our ethos to share our good fortune!

Our Services

We are your portal into the world of ecommerce, development, social media and data gathering. Due to the wide range of skills offered to us by our young employees and interns, and our extensive network of cost effective experts across Europe we are able to offer the following services:

We also encourage interns to start their own projects and help to provide them with the support and funding needed to ensure their success, so you may be using a Great Leap product without realising.